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gaiss 3 mazInstallation “Air" is a simbolic tree which consists of 324 wind pipes and is the largest wind chimes ensemble in the world. Wind pipes are complemented with 48 wind chimes decorated with coats of arms representing Latgale region counties. The author of this installation is architect Didzis Jaunzems and it is located in Balvi town park.

Address: Balvi town park, Balvi
GPS: 57.1333044, 27.2621983

ezerlici 2017 1A lot of lilies, peonies and other flowers bloom in the garden “Ezerlīči” of Skaidrīte and Ēriks Kaši. Then there are various stones – each with its own story. Bees are kept at the farm, too. Purchase of products is possible.

Phone: +371 26363508, Ezerlīči, Tilžas parish
GPS: 56.9057875, 27.4034774

Estate palace was built in 1769 it was renovated several times conforming it to school needs. Now Balvi Further education and human recourse centre. There is one of the best acoustic in the estate house all over the Latvia. Bear garden former estate house fruit garden it is enclosed by hazel avenue. There is pound with island in the middle of the garden. Now there is original stone garden with 23 compositions and including 49 stones in it.

Address: Street Brīvības 47, Balvi
Phone: (+371 )64521430, 28352770, 26162614
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS: 57.1320873,  27.2576165

In 2010 Balvi museum move to new building reconstructed estate house. Breath of history changes with new breezes-there you can see estate people built cellar vault and exhibition halls with roof windows; ancient barn doors which are made from 200 years old wood and furniture made by local masters; exhibitions which tells about municipality ancient times and new artist look for life. Museum is founded in 1989 and there are more than 23 thousand units in its collection. Everybody can visit museum of Balvi-you can donate for further museum development as much as you can. Museum offers museum pedagogic programs and trips in the estate and town.

Exhibition visiting time:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-17pm,
Saturday. 11am-16pm,
Sunday, Monday-closed

Address: Street Brīvības 46, Balvi
Phone: +371 64521430, +371 28352770
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
GPS: 57.1308070, 27.2567270

Church was built more than 200 years ago in the 1804. It is fair with its specific architectonic pattern because initially it was built by example of orthodox churches. Church was renovated in 2004. It is state significance architecture monument.

Address: Street Baznīcas 3, Balvi
Phone: +371 64521375, 64521430 (museum)

GPS: 57.1337208, 27.2718618

Church was built in 1915. There is 500 seating in the church. Tower bell weight is 530 kilos and it is made in Germany. It is state significance cultural monument.

Address: Street Bērzpils 17, Balvi
Phone: +371 29638005, +371 26311959
GPS: 57.1282173, 27.2674584

Culture research center-museum has been working in the Culture house of Tilža municipality. There you can acquaint with fair individualities, historical events, and artisans of Tilža, Vectilža, Krišjāņi and Bērzpils municipality. Museum was found in 1967. There you can go on trip in surrounding fairest and most interesting places.

Working hours: In the workdays 9am-13pm

Address: Street Brīvības 5, Tilža, Tilža parish
Phone: +371 26545870
GPS: 56.8993241, 27.3701628

Fountain appearance idea author is artist Ivars Vucāns. Technological solution for realization of idea and fountain project was worked out in the company “Akvedukts”. Germany plant “OASE” professional fountain equipment was used for fountain creating. Building works started in 2003 in the season of autumn, when pump room, basin of fountain and tubing system was assembled; it was built in leadership of building company “Valdis”. Hydro technical works was done by company “Balteco Venta”; electronically works was done by Alūksne city fountain creator and enthusiast in fountain creation Alvits Grīvnieks. The most beautiful water lilly blossoms just in the nights.

Address: City square, Balvi